Right temperature?

All of the sauna fitness systems are practised in a sauna heated to 40°C-50°C (100-120°F). No water is thrown on the stove during the session. The exercise is suitable for anyone able to tolerate mild heat. Many people, who avoid going to the sauna normally, find enjoyment in the mild heat and the gentle exercise, helping the mind focus on the present moment.

What to bring?

Take a non-metallic water bottle and a small towel with you, as you will sweat a lot during the session. As for what to wear, a pair of shorts and a tank top or a sleeveless shirt will do great. You can also take flip-flops with you, as they will make transferring between the dressing room and the sauna more comfortable.

How to prepare for it?

Avoid eating 1.5 to 2 hours before a session. Try to drink a few glasses of water before you start. Take off jewellery that can overheat and remove any make-up from your face. Wear a tank top and shorts. And most importantly, enjoy what you’re doing.

Where to go?

Find your nearest class by navigating to the search box on the right top corner of the page. Alternatively, please get in touch by emailing us on: info(a)

How does it differ from Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga are practised in yoga studios heated to approximately 38°C (175°F). Both systems of yoga follow a floor-based sequence of poses, done either by standing up, sitting down or by laying on your back/front on a yoga mat. Sauna Yoga, Sauna Pilates and Applied Sauna Yoga are practised seated on a sauna bench in approximately 50°C (120°F) and all poses start from the sitting position.

Who is it for?

The sauna fitness systems are suitable for anyone with good health, either fit or just taking up regular exercise. No previous yoga or Pilates training experience is required to carry out the poses. The trained instructors can offer alternatives to the poses, according to the level of fitness and ability of each trainee. The oldest Sauna Yoga and Sauna Pilates trainees are over 80 years old and the fittest professional athletes. Paraplegics, patients recovering from surgery and people suffering from back problems practise Applied Sauna Yoga, among others.

When should I not go?

Stop the exercise immediately if you feel nauseous or fatigued. Avoid eating a few hours before the start of a session. If you feel hungry after a day at work, opt for something light such as a snack bar or smoothie. Avoid the exercises also if you have the flu, have fever or suffer from a contagious skin condition. Do not resume exercise until 24 hours after your fever has subsided.

Is an infrared sauna suitable?

Infrared saunas make for an ideal environment for the sauna fitness systems. However, the infrared heaters tend to increase sweating and so it is recommended that you bring a larger water bottle with you.

What if I’m pregnant?

Please refer to your doctor/family-planning centre for individual advice on exercise during pregnancy. It is generally safe to practise Sauna Yoga and Sauna Pilates when pregnant as long as you remember to listen to you body.