The Sauna Yoga poses, done at a leisurely pace in
the silence of the sauna, take care of the body
and relax the mind. Sauna Yoga can be
an individual practice in a domestic sauna
setting or you can attend one of the instructed
group sessions available.

Sauna Yoga

The Sauna Yoga poses are based on various yoga styles and practised seated in a temperature of approximately 50°C (120°F). Some of the poses help to relieve tensions in the neck and shoulder region and remove excessive strain on the spine and surrounding musculature, while others work to strengthen the trunk and leg muscles. The gentle heat of the sauna effectively melts away the strains and the beneficial effects can be felt immediately after a single session.

The sauna is one of the very few truly mobile-free spaces these days. It is also a space free from other audio-visual stimulus, which can offer respite for many people and help manage stress at work. The slow-paced exercise carried out in the quiet environment of the sauna calms and focuses the mind in the present. For many, Sauna Yoga is the best way to alleviate the symptoms of stress.

The instructed Sauna Yoga session lasts for 30-45 minutes. It is suitable for everyone and requires no previous yoga training experience.

Sauna Pilates

While yoga is a form of exercise, Pilates is a technique. Therefore, the way you use your body is what makes it Pilates, not just the poses. Sauna Pilates is based on the main Pilates training principles and practised seated in a temperature of approximately 50°C (120°F). Some poses rely on using a small towel. 
Sauna Pilates is particularly effective in servicing the spine and the neck and shoulder muscles, as well as strengthening the muscles of the torso.

Applied Sauna Yoga

Applied Sauna Yoga is a system developed specifically for individuals with a physical disability or whose mobility is otherwise restricted. It is suitable for wheelchair users or for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain, and for people going through physical rehabilitation.

The supported seating position of Applied Sauna Yoga helps one maintain control of the poses, for example, when bending forward or rotating the body. The position of the legs can be supported with a large towel wrapped around the thighs. The Sauna Yoga poses are specifically directed at the neck and shoulder region and the thoracic spinal muscles, which can become strained if using a wheelchair, offering a good counterweight to pushing.

The combined effect of stretching and the mild heat of the sauna also help reduce muscle tension, which can be particularly useful for individuals experiencing muscle spasticity or spasms.


A book on Sauna Yoga titled Sauna Yoga - Finding Calm and Relaxation was published in 2012. It demonstrates three, 30-minute long sequences of poses: invigorating morning sequence, relaxing evening sequence, and wellbeing for the back and shoulders sequence. Sauna Yoga is suitable for anyone regardless of age and level of fitness.

A book on Sauna Pilates titled Sauna Pilates – Wellbeing for the Back was published in the spring 2015. It demonstrates three, 30-minute long sequences of poses with the emphasis on servicing the back and on strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles. The poses are particularly useful for people with back problems due to excessive sitting or as a result of a heavy workout routine.