Increase the utilisation and profitability of your sauna facility with Sauna Yoga, Sauna Pilates and Applied Sauna Yoga.

Increase the utilisation of your sauna facility and create new revenues for income with the sauna fitness systems. There are already over 60 corporate clients in six countries, which offer the instructed classes as part of their program. There are over 300 fully trained instructors. 

We offer our corporate clients a service concept that includes the use of the licensed systems, training of instructors, regular content updates and complete marketing material.

Sauna Yoga, Sauna Pilates and Applied Sauna Yoga training lasts for 30-45 minutes. The exercises can be carried out without any special arrangements in an electric, infrared or traditional wood-heated sauna, heated to a temperature of approximately 50°C (120°F). The exercise can be carried out in a small group under the guidance of a trained instructor or practised alongside a virtual instructor, through a screen integrated into the wall of the sauna.

Make the sauna fitness systems bring profitability to your sauna facility by: 

  • Combining them into the company's existing service package (e.g. conference and wellness packages).
  • Offering tailor-made classes for companies and other groups.
  • Organising classes for private clients.

What requirements are necessary for implementing the systems?

A sauna, quite simply. If your premises include a sauna/ many saunas already, the sauna fitness systems are an easy way to increase the utilisation rate of the space(s). They are also a good way to increase customer satisfaction and to create new revenues for income. 

What do we offer our corporate clients?


  • Basic training of new instructors (Sauna Yoga and Sauna Pilates)
  • Alternatively, we help our corporate clients to recruit from the already trained instructor base
  • Regular content updates (new sequences)
  • Further training of instructors (training of new sequences)
  • Instructor training for groups with special needs (Applied Sauna Yoga)


We provide complete marketing material that can be easily accessed and downloaded from our material bank.